The position and role of SharePoint developers today play key architectural and development roles in growing and launching SharePoint. This position works with various technical groups, business sectors and client teams in designing, developing and implementing business intelligence visualization, reporting and workflow solutions. Experts and developers of the platform have certain tasks and responsibilities to fulfill. These responsibilities include working with business users and analysts to design SharePoint applications; incorporate or implementing the testing processes to ascertain data quality and performance. Moreover, developers should also be able to develop custom application pages, web services, SharePoint features, workflows and web parts. They should also work with support teams and end users to make the most of the custom and out-of-the-box features of the platform. Developers and experts of SharePoint must have ample experience in developing solutions and should have strong C# and .NET skills. SharePoint is without doubt the best thing that ever happened to business software integration among business organizations worldwide.

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    Being a software developer, I am familiar with the intricacies of the platform. SharePoint experts provide services that streamline business flow and collaboration.


    June 2013